No child is released to anyone not authorized on the TDFPS "Admission Information" form. If there is an emergency and someone else is requested to pick up the child', the authorized person must have a note written and sent, or call in person. Any daycare personnel will verify the identity of the person picking up the child. This person must present a driver�s license to us so that we may readily identify them.

Illness and Exclusion Criteria

If a child is seemed to be too ill to be allowed into the center by the staff on duty, the person bringing the child must take back and make other arrangements. If the child becomes ill or sustains an injury, the authorized parent and/or caretaker will be notified. If the staff and the parent/caretaker agree that the child can stay, the child may be isolated from the other children. If it is felt that the child needs urgent care, the staff will take appropriate action as outlined in the "admission information" form and as instructed by the parent as long as the Minimum Standards For Child-Care Centers" by the TDFPS is followed.

Discipline and Guidance Practices

Any child presenting a discipline problem will be made aware of his/her actions in a polite, yet Strict manner. Kidzschool learning center does not use corporal punishment. Children will be disciplined in a calm and communicative matter. Positive reinforcement will be used as a mean of discipline. Parents will receive an incident report for any disciplinary infraction that might involve the injury of another child, failure to follow rules and regulations, or destruction of property. The center follows the outline prescribed in the Minimum Standards outlined by TDFPS. Each family will be given a copy of these practices and a copy will be kept on file in the child's admission folder.