Mission and Vision

Through a child-focused program ,KIDZ SCHOOL DAYCARE Center for Young Children partners withfamilies to provide a nurturing, play-based learning environment that fosters social, emotional, physical, cognitive and language development.

By expanding our presence within the our community, and through continuing our efforts to stay current in the field of Early Childhood Education, the Kidz school daycare Center for Young Children strives to be the standard for quality center-based childcare.


2015 We believe that children learn through play, concrete experiences, and interactions with the environment, their peers and adults. By the use of individual, small and whole group activities, plus a variety of experiences, we encourage children to develop to their full potential.

It is the teacher's role to develop activities and curriculum that: Promote the development of independence and self-discipline. Encourage and foster the development of self-esteem and confidence. Promote the development of fine and gross motor, cognitive, and creative skills in literacy, language, math, science, art, and social studies. Promote the development of a safe and healthy lifestsle through physical activity, personal hygiene, safety awareness, and nutrition education. Promote the development of positive communication skills.

Promote the development of positive social skills and an appreciation and respect for differences in all people including cultural backgrounds, physical characteristics, developmental levels, and family groupings. The teachers in the infant and toddler rooms will be promoting the same philosophy and goals as listed above.