Early PreSchool

Capture three-year-olds' natural curiosity with Early Preschool! Each topic offers many ideas and suggestions for you to create meaningful and engaging investigations.

Allows you to choose from over 125 learning experiences integrated across all learning domains.
Provides new language and social navigation skills.
Contains a wealth of support materials including posters, storybooks, family newsletters, and much more.

The objectives listed below are a sample of the range addressed in Early Preschool:

Language Development

Uses increasingly complex sentences
Uses language to communicate ideas, feelings, needs, questions, etc.


Begins to understand story sequence.
Communicates through scribbling.


Compares quantities of two groups of objects.
Sorts objects by color, size, or shape.


Utilizes different methods to solve problems.
Classifies items that belong together.

Creative Expression

Names different shapes, lines, colors, forms, and materials
Dances with control.

Social & Emotional Development

Recognizes familiar places in the community.
Begins to understand how his or her actions affect others.

Approaches to Learning

Approaches activities with increased imagination and inventiveness.
Concentrates increasingly on tasks or interactions.

Physical Health and Development

Develops increasing hand-eye coordination (stringing beads, using scissors, etc.)
Becomes more self-sufficient in using tissues, washing hands, and other self-help skills.